Doctoral Internship Training Program

Welcome to the Doctoral Internship Training Program website for Life Skills Psychological Services PC. You have put forth tremendous effort with sacrifices along this journey toward becoming a licensed psychologist.

The actual internship training site you match with will have a very important influence in your life and the decision regarding to which programs you apply and how to rank order them huge.

This decision typically requires moving and changing your life. It is wise to do that from an informed foundation and the intent of this Internship Training Program section of the website is to help with this process.
Our training program has a solid positive reputation with its previous interns and offers an internship experience second to none.

The ITP is designed for the intern who is interested in learning about operating an effective private practice from direct service delivery to the process of practice operation (e.g., billing, scheduling, record keeping, building management).
The current direction of the LSPS-ITP is to refine and consistently implement a training program that is substantively and procedurally in accord with the guidelines and procedures for accreditation by the APA.

The program targets in its training benchmark competencies that define professional psychology. The competency model of training integrates practical and theoretical knowledge, cognitive skills, behaviors, and pro-social values, beliefs, and schemas.

The delivery of direct psychological services, didactic training activities, community networking, and supervision within the professional atmosphere or the milieu of LSPS (role models) are the major methods involved in the training.
The program is intern centered and strength based. The developmental levels of the intern with respect to the various training target areas are the starting points for new learning. Organized skill building occurs throughout the entire internship program. The program is sequential and cumulative in its design.

Core constructs or domains are operationally defined with all relevant aspects of the program measured for outcome effectiveness. Data are tracked and program modifications based on such.

Ultimately, the intern who successfully completes the program will be able to critically evaluate, diagnose, and treat a wide variety of clinical conditions while utilizing evidence-based knowledge in psychological assessment.

The intern will be ethically competent performing at an agreed upon standard and able to administer, consult, and supervise with leadership.

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Take a look at the links for detailed information about our program and feel free to contact us for further information and discussion. We wish you the best in your journey.

For more information about the Life Skills Internship Training Program, you can click on the links below or contact Steve Osborn, Training Director, at 231-775-6517.
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