Superior Adolescent and Teen Counseling

Is there anyone more emotional than a teen? When your teen starts to disrupt your family, it is time to seek counseling for them. The experienced psychologists at Life Skills Psychological Services will work with your teen through one session or multiple sessions to help them overcome their struggles and resume a normal life.

Expert Counseling for Your Teen

Help your teen sort their feelings out by sending them to an experienced psychologist who offers them a listening ear and sound advice.

We work with most major insurance companies that include Medicare and Medicaid. Fill out our new patient form to get started with our teen counseling session.
Teen Dealing

What Is Your Teen Dealing With?

  • School
  • Puberty
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Body image
  • Relationships
Solution for Your Child

Find a Solution for Your Child

At times, teenagers may not even know what the actual problem is. They only consider how they feel. As experienced psychologists, we can help identify the problems and work through them to figure out the best solution for them.
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